Passion Fruit Puree and Pulp Concentrate

bulk passion fruit puree

Food Ingredients USA, Inc. : Passion fruit puree and pulp concentrate supplier from the USA
 Processed from domestic U.S. grown or imported natural passion fruits
 Supplied by certified packers with latest quality standards
 Conventional and USDA NOP certified organic passion fruit puree
 Bulk passion fruit puree packed in pails, buckets, drums, totes and tanker trucks
 Aseptic and frozen options
 100% natural puree processed and packed without using additives or preservatives
 Kosher, non-gmo (gmo-free) and allergen-free

⇨ Customized technical specifications for a wide range of industrial applications
⇨ Beverages, fruit juices and soft drinks, dairy products (milk, ice cream and yogurt), brewing (beer, hard cider), winery (fruit wines), smoothies, flavoring, natural colorants, sauces, baked goods, confectionery, compounds etc.
⇨ For industrial operations and consumers for home use
⇨ Orders from pail size quantities up to pallet loads and trucks
⇨ Competitive prices with flexible payment options
⇨ Spot orders and long term contracts

Year-round availability cannot be guaranteed | Minimum order quantities apply for different flavors | Some flavors may not be available any more. Please ask.