juice concentrate for beverages and soft drinks
fruit juice concentrate and puree for craft brewing and hard cider beers
fruit juice puree for ice cream and dairy applications
fruit juice concentrate food applications
fruit juice concentrates as natural colorants


Bulk packed juice concentrates, purees and NFC juices are used in an extensive range of technical industrial applications.
⇨ 100% juices, nectars and drinks of fruits and vegetables
⇨ Juice bases
⇨ Beverages and soft drinks
⇨ Flavors and compounds
⇨ Smoothies, sorbets and frozen fruit bars
⇨ Brewing, beers and hard ciders
⇨ Winery, fruit wines
⇨ Fermentable bases
⇨ Vinegars
⇨ Alcoholic drinks and spirits
⇨ Cocktail mixes
⇨ Kombucha
⇨ Dressings, marinades and sauces
⇨ Toppings and pie fillings
⇨ Dairy products like fruit flavored milk, ice creams, milk, yogurt, frozen yoghurt, frozen novelties
⇨ Confectionery, fruit snacks and candies
⇨ Desserts
⇨ Baked goods
⇨ Snacks, fruit leathers, cereal bars
⇨ Baby food
⇨ Preserves, jams, spreads and jellies
⇨ Soups
⇨ Natural colorants
⇨ Technical ingredients